Minutes – November 10th & 17th, 2020


November 10 & 17, 2020 – 7:00 a.m.


Present: Jason Knox (both), Jamie Hoey (both), Jayde Blue (both), Tiffany Johansen (both), Rick Trumm (both), Tracy Johnson (both), Garrett Crandall (both, left early), Mallory Hanson (phone both), Chris DeBack (phone both, left early) Kennon Gumm (11/17/20 left early)

Guests:   Lynn Lauer, Rachel Strong (11/10/20)

Absent: Kennon Gumm (11/10/20)


  1. Organization/Operations (Recurring)
    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
    2. November’s agenda was motioned to approve by Jamie; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
  2. Guests
    1. Rachel Strong- presented on NFV Spark program, which was piloted in the Spring but cut short due to COVID. The goal of the program is project-based learning in our community with an end goal of building leadership skills, project management skills, and eventually help place students back into the community. Projects can be established based on the student’s passion or a community need. Projects are purposed and placed in a project pool until it is selected by a student. They are currently looking for projects and collaborators and working on recruiting students and ideas for projects. Participants get two blocks of school time totally 1.5 hours to do Spark projects. Students are housed off-campus to allow for easier accessibility. Partnerpalloza event is upcoming where partners will come to present to students on different projects to match kids and projects.
    2. Lynn Lauer- presented on West Union Ambassadors, a club that has been around a long time and continues to meet once a month. The group focuses on networking with local business individuals, drawing attention to milestone events in businesses, and ribbon cuttings for new businesses/relocation. For new businesses, they use the connection through the Chamber to contact. They provide a mentorship with new businesses, but it is not formalized. Could the Ambassadors help with investments – seek out new Chamber members/investments? Could they assist with celebrating anniversary dates of business? Lynn will discuss it with them. Jayde attends meeting right now for Chamber. Always accepting new members- last Friday of the month for lunch! Next meeting is January 29, noon at Town House.
  3. Organization/Operations Continued – (Recurring)
    1. October’s meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to approve by Garrett; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
    2. August-October’s finances were reviewed. Discussion was had over new financials being presented- checking account continues to decrease; script money will remain on the books indefinitely; forecast of needed revenue. Motion to approve by Rick; seconded by Garrett; approved by all. When Tiffany gets the bank statement, she will do it ASAP. With concerns about decrease in financials, we know investments are down causing the major deficit. Increasing rent will help, which offsets the mortgage. Just received the industrial lot rental check, which comes once a year. Checking account is at $7400 that continues to shrink monthly. We need to see when we paid the city last. Tiffany and Tracy will pick a date end of the quarter to ensure we don’t miss one
  4. Board Topics (Recurring)
    2. Chamber & City Director Agreement – after reviewing, a motion to approve by Rick; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
    3. Organizational Name- we are referred to with many different titles; however, we have two separate EINs, West Union Main Street and West Union Chamber, which is our legal name. We understand that we must use Main Street for grant purposes. When those two entities merged, the organization became West Union Chamber, a Main Street Community. Going forward: West Union Chamber/Main Street. The director’s information will include Economic Development. Jamie motioned; Rick seconded. All approved to use the West Union Chamber/Main Street organizational name going forward.
    4. WU Economic Development promotion – Chamber/Main Street will assist with the promotion as it is basically a WU Economic Development promotion. The raffle license is held by the city for two years and applies to any department in the city. Chamber approved buying tickets. Jayde is informing businesses of the promotion but not selling the tickets.
    5. Strategic Planning Budget Meeting – Jamie motioned to have it Sunday, November 29, at 5 p.m. at the Chamber; Tiffany seconded; approved by all.
    6. Building Committee- committee not needed.
    7. SXS Committee- had interest from outside community to assist with a future one. Put them on the Organizational committee and allow them to plan these events.
    8. Ex-Officio Members- both Tracy and Mallory will be liaison and not voting members. Tracy believes Kennon should be the city vote. As we don’t have Ex-Officio member in the By-Laws, we will remove the title for both Mallory and Tracy, but they can report out to the Board. Rick motioned to remove the title; Jamie seconded; all in favor.
    9. Volunteers listing – updating website with IROC assistance.
    10. Events- many events that we aren’t having are still on the website. These need to be removed.
    11. Committee Meetings- Director will share meeting information, minutes, etc. with the entire Board.
    12. Email- if By-Laws state we can vote via email, we must be checking email regularly. The vote will stay open for 72 hours and can only be called by the President (or designee), who can vote. Garrett/Rick – text them to vote if needed. 72 hours a vote sits out there. Jamie will include the By Laws in the meeting minutes.
    13. Key Policy- Tiffany will revise another key policy to present to the Board. The Secretary will be the keeper of the keys. Tiffany motioned; Rick seconded; approved by all to create a key policy. Getting a new lock and 15 keys have been requested. $132 for replacement.
    14. Holiday Business Promotion- what can we do to help our local businesses as COVID is really hindering local them. Ideas included 12 Days of Christmas, a mascot that travels, or a business of the month. The Director will spotlight a business every day and schedule posts starting in November. It will start with the Punch Card Promotion, started on Monday.
  5. Membership/Investment Drive (Recurring) Meeting Start 11/17/2020
    1. Investments/Contributions/Donations- reviewed the 2020 membership list. Our drive seems to have lost members this year. Need to have the numbers updated. Jayde will review the totals at the bottom to determine totals. $12, 575 is money paid; $18,325 including in-kind. Our goal is $25,000 we believe as cash donation. Investments will be a focus for 2021 strategic on 11/29 @ 5 p.m. at the Chamber.
    2. Director Business Visits- would like to see more details on business visits to provide more information. Jayde hasn’t been asking for money at business visits previously, but just checking in.
    3. Chamber Benefits- Organizational Committee spent a great deal of time creating the Investment benefit sheet and it was decided to keep the same format for 2021 as they are good benefits. The Director Bible include passwords and some of these benefits. Enhanced Business Website Listing- needs to add photo, information, address, contact, etc. Move forward with workshops. Design & Business is looking into that for the new year. Jason has been researching some Chamber events. He sees systematic events that are scheduled. Regardless of the turn-out, you have to continue to have them as they will grow. Retired business owners should be invited.
    4. Flyer & Marketing Materials- skipped
    5. Calendar Anniversary Membership will be the new membership model.
  6. Director Report – refer to monthly report for details (Recurring)
    1. Scheduled Office Hours- shared, but with Jayde resignation, it isn’t needed.
    2. Business Survey Results- business wonder why we wouldn’t have their information. Can the survey be done in conjunction with investments?
    3. Punch Card Promotions- up and going with Design & Business Committee. Leanne is doing most of it.
    4. Chamber Newsletter- starting in January, an electronic version will be sent and go on the website. A quarterly newsletter will be done.
    5. Trail Update- nothing
    6. Guest Binders- nothing
    7. Board Binders- done pending two roasters, which Jayde will do before leaving. Accreditation documents are in there. Put the most updated information in there.
    8. Social media – nothing
    9. Ideas Conference- nothing
    10. Iowa Leadership Exchange- nothing
    11. Iowa Creative Places Exchange- nothing
    12. Free Virtual Business Coaching- Jayde has shared information via newspaper, email, press release and Facebook page. Director or Board needs to learn about this option.
  7. Main Street Accreditation (Recurring)
    1. Accreditation- Jamie shared that we will reach accreditation. Just need to complete a few things which she will send to the specific people. Jayde will ensure her part is done prior to leaving.
    2. Actions Needed- Jamie will include the Action items for the Accreditation in the meeting minutes.
  8. Committee Reports- send minutes, action plans, meeting information, etc. to the Board and Director. Director will send minutes in her weekly email. Need to vote as a Board using the committee’s motion.
    1. Promotions (Chris DeBack)- met last week and decided they are postponing the Community Awards Banquet due to COVID. They plan to try Dairy Days the first week of June again. They would like to hold the Community Awards banquet during Dairy Days; however, they plan to accept nominations in January but have the event in conjunction Dairy Days. They are proposing cancelling 4th of July and doing Dairy Days but that will need more discussion. The Promotions Committee (Chris) motioned to postpone the Community Awards Banquet; Jamie seconded it; all approved.
    2. Design & Business (Jamie Hoey)- they are meeting this month and continue to review Action Plans. Jamie worked with MSI on recommendations involving removing some goals and pushing a few goals to 2022. 2021 Goals- Punch Card Promotion, Window Displays, Design Management (business inventory & list), Historical Preservation, Flower Bed, Community Awareness/Education, Business Education/Awareness, Design Standards. She will send out the Action Plans for the Board to review.
    3. Economic Vitality (Jason Knox)- daily Facebook holiday promotion was discussed.
    4. Organization (Garrett Crandall/Rick Trumm)- they will begin setting up quarterly meetings. Meeting tomorrow night to start looking at some events. Garrett contacted the old Organizational Committee- Derek will stay on to help with golf tournament; Brooke will come back in spring; new members have committed. Will need to look at the Membership Drive and best way to do this within this committee. Jayde will ensure there is an updated business list before leaving.
    5. Ad-Hoc Building Committee (Jason, Garrett, Kennon)- furnace had leaking problem and needs a yearly tablet. Jason motioned to have Gages do an annual maintenance; Tiffany seconded; all approved.  Rick will contact them. Jason approached again to purchase the building; worth a discussion.
    6. Ad-Hoc Sparks (Jamie, Tiffany, Chris)- nothing for us to do.
    7. Ad-Hoc DLO (Rick, Kennon)- council voted to list the DLO for what the city has into it (plus 6% relator fees) while looking for possible grants to improve the building. Jayde is looking into grant possibilities.
    8. Management (Tiffany, Tracy)- Jayde’s resignation. We will appreciate help with the transition. Director Bible has everything needed (green binder on desk). They will set sometimes to meet to go over details.
  9. For good of order
    1. Mallory- they have business community COVID recovery training through NICC. She will send information on them.
    2. Cleaning- comes every other week and will continue.
    3. Board meeting days/times- discussion had about times, days, etc. to ensure everyone can make it. Setting policy/procedure takes longer at the beginning but hopefully our meetings will get shorter. Should we have 2 per month for a while? Mornings are not working, so will need to do evenings as middle of the day will not work either. Jamie can’t make many evenings work due to children activities; however, could make Wednesdays work at 5:30. Jamie will send out a Google Poll to see what works.


Motion by Tiffany to adjourn at 8:15 a.m.; Rick seconded it; adjourned.

Next meeting – December 8, 2020 at 7:00 am at the Chamber/Main Street office.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

Investing in the community by bringing people together to achieve a support system that seeks to promote business success, downtown revitalization, and a sense of community pride.

Through Community engagement, create a unique and prosperous downtown to enrich the entire business community of West Union and beyond that embraces history, preserves natural environment, and promotes quality events that instills a sense of community pride.