Minutes – May 12th, 2020


May 12, 2020 – 7:00 a.m.

Virtual Present: Jason Knox, Kristie Austin, Chris DeBack, Jamie Hoey, Tiffany Johansen,

Absent: Kennon Gumm, Adam Keller, Nick McIntyre, Rick Trumm, Garrett Crandall


  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
  2. May’s agenda was motioned to approve by Chris; seconded by Jamie; approved by all.
  3. April meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to approve by Chris; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
  4. April’s finances will be distributed later. Kristi is waiting to hear on COVID-19 funding. Did not get in on the $25k loan. Euphoria Coffee Open 4 Business check arrived- $23,701. Kristi depositing and writing a check to Euphoria. Photo opportunity at noon today. Kerndt Brothers- $5408 on 4/30/20. City cashed the large payment check.
  5. Director Search- ads are in the local newspaper, on city website, on Facebook, to Main Street for email distribution and have been shared via email. Two interested individuals on Facebook. Kristi will download and get to us. Chris made motion to add $600 to our commitment to make an even $40,000. Jamie seconded. All approved.
  6. Director Update: good response with Chamber bucks. Many organizations purchased. Chris motioned to allow Kristi to apply for COVID stimulus money; Jamie seconded it; all approved. Kristi will send out email with list of opportunities. She is checking emails and checking in with businesses. Mailbox is in place and key in the top drawer. Dick Woodard has been cleaning out Donahue building.
  7. What do you know? Pleggenkuhl purchased Union Drug. Fayette Co. Fair still on right now. Not sure what future events hold.
  8. Membership/Investment Drive: nothing right now.
  9. By-Law Committee- being reviewed by Pat Ritter. Pat contacted Jason and we will set up a meeting with Jason, Tiffany and Jamie.
  10. COVID-19 Update- hoping to get in person meetings started in June baring Governor restrictions.
  11. Committee Reports-
    1. Promotions
      1. 2020 Work Plans- focusing on 4th of July and Playing on Plaza. Hit a stand-still as we aren’t sure what the future will entail. Going to do a virtual meeting with committee this week. Spillville and Independence and many local fairs are canceling.
    2. Design & Business
      1. 2020 Work Plans- nothing
    3. Community Development
      1. 2020 Work Plans- nothing
    4. Organization
      1. 2020 Work Plans- nothing
    5. Motion to adjourn by Jamie; seconded by Tiffany; adjourned at 7:35 a.m.

Next meeting – June 9, 2020 at 7:00 am at the Chamber/Main Street office.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

Investing in the community by bringing people together to achieve a support system that seeks to promote business success, downtown revitalization, and a sense of community pride.

Through Community engagement, create a unique and prosperous downtown to enrich the entire business community of West Union and beyond that embraces history, preserves natural environment, and promotes quality events that instills a sense of community pride.