Minutes – March 9th, 2021


March 9, 2021 – 7:00 a.m.


Present: Lisa Davis, Jason Knox, Jamie Hoey, Tiffany Johansen, Rick Trumm, Tracy Johnson, Garrett Crandall (left early), Mallory Hanson, Kennon Gumm, Chris DeBack (phone)




  1. Organization/Operations (Recurring)
    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
    2. Jamie motioned to approve the agenda; Kennon seconded it; approved by all.
    3. February’s meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to approve by Kennon; seconded by Rick; approved by all.
    4. February’s finances were presented, and discussion was held. After paying normal bills, we are $1200 short. Tiffany is still balancing Chamber Bucks. We owe City of WU $3600 for first quarter. We need money transferred from another account to our general fund to cover the deficit. We need to get memberships out as that would cover the needed money. Tiffany motioned to transfer $3500 from Upper Story Housing; Chris seconded; all approved.
  2. Board Topics (Recurring)
    1. Downtown flower bed maintenance: Kennon and Tracy will reach out to the residential facility to assist with flower maintenance. These need to have weed barrier in these flower beds or use pallet mulch. Garrett is checking on utilizing NFV students for Earth Day this year to do the Chamber flower bed. Jamie will check with Robin Bostrom to see if she has a list of adoptions.
    2. Snow Reminder: need to remind businesses to not put into the street if it is after the city plow goes through. Where do businesses put it? Not sure what the Chamber can do about this besides mention it next year. Lisa talked with Boone regarding the back step and driveway. Stated his plow was broken.
    3. Commercial Lot: waiting on specific details with Fehr Graham for grading information. There is interest in making the lots ‘shovel ready’ for development. The cost to the city and Chamber would be reseeding the lot. However, we want to ensure exactly what is involved with the grading. Jason motioned to move ahead with conversation and grading; Kennon seconded; all approved.
    4. Chamber After 5: 2nd Monday of each month beginning in April. The first event will be the Chamber. Need to mock-up communication for business owners. Jason motioned to spend up to $400 for a new grill; Tiffany seconded; approved by all. Rick and Garrett will research.
    5. State Fair Booth is August 14. Tracy going for sure, and Lisa is checking to go. NEI Tourism Booth – can bring anything that can fit on tabletop and able to be carried. If videos, download on a computer as internet doesn’t work well.
    6. LLC: Lisa spoke with Derek and they would like automatic payments of all members. They would like the Chamber to be the West Union District Energy (Geo-Thermal) payment collector. We will wait on this to hear more information.
  3. Membership/Investment Drive (Recurring)
    1. Investments/Contributions/Donations- we still haven’t sent the letter. We will meet Thursday, March 18 from 9-12 at the Chamber to get these done. Tiffany will get business list to Jason to put into Redtail.
  4. Director Report
    1. Met with Carol Lilly regarding Main Street. Lisa is meeting with the Lansing Director for mentoring on Main Street. Met with SPARKS students. Lisa is working on LLC, events, sponsorships, etc. Main Street Now Conference is in April. She will register and have it on at the Chamber. If board members want to watch individually, let Lisa know by Friday so she can get a code. The Chamber will pass on Maple Crest baskets this year. Sales Tax forms need to be filled out.
  5. Main Street Accreditation (Recurring)
    1. Accreditation- during orientation, they talked about Accreditation a little. Monthly reporting is being done. Lisa will be taking this over from Jamie but may need some assistance.
  6. Committee Reports- send minutes, action plans, meeting information, etc. to the Board and Director. Need to vote as a Board using the committee’s motion. Tiffany will send out a template that will be used for meeting minutes that includes volunteer hours, action items, etc. We need to create a calendar with meeting of committees. Committees Meeting Times: A- different each month; B- 3rd Wed at 7 am @ Chamber; C- 1st Friday at noon; D- different each month.
    1. Promotions (Chris DeBack)- met last week and made some adjustment to the Summer Fest event. Finalized some things- 5K, 2 bands, parades, street dance, beer tent, beer pong, etc. $700 sponsorship so far for bands. Chamber doing beer tent- volunteers signed up- Jamie has a softball tournament that day and can’t make it. Will wait to see if we need to sell food based on what else is needed. Fire department will do waterfall. Partnering with Fair Board on Euchre tournament on March 22. Article going into the paper about this event.
    2. Design & Business (Jamie Hoey)- working on a Historical aspect for Summer Fest; window displays; Jon is working on design standards to bring to the group; Jamie and Lisa are meeting on business marketing and communications.
    3. Economic Vitality (Jason Knox)- working on Chamber after 5, industrial property and business education. Mallory can help provide speakers.
    4. Organization (Garrett Crandall/Rick Trumm)- meeting on the 11th at 6:30. April 24 Poker Run. Not as many trails. Need information to create marketing.
    5. Ad-Hoc Sparks (Lisa, Tracy)- changed the individuals who are the contacts as the students contact Lisa and Tracy. Chamber met with Nathan and Leo from NFV SPARKS and discussed the project of promotional materials, including video and printed material, to market West Union as a city for future businesses. They are taking our ideas and going to meet with us three times before the end of the school year for input and presentations.
    6. Ad-Hoc DLO (Rick, Kennon)- none
    7. Management (Tiffany, Tracy)- none
    8. Fayette County Economic Development – none
    9. City- none
  7. For good of order- none.


Motion by Jamie to adjourn at 8:33 a.m.; Tiffany seconded it; adjourned.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

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