Minutes – March 31st, 2021


March 31, 2021 – 6 P.M.


Present via Phone: Jason Knox, Jamie Hoey, Tiffany Johansen, Tracy Johnson, Garrett Crandall, Mallory Hanson, Chris DeBack

Absent: Kennon Gumm, Rick Trumm


Purchase of Chamber Building Discussion

Pat approached Jason again with the opportunity to purchase the Chamber building for mid-$70k with no inspection. He would also allow the Chamber to remain in the building for a period of time in addition to keeping the same renters. However, if Pat didn’t purchase the building, he would probably be purchasing another one (not sure which town) and moving out of the Chamber building.


After discussion, the following concerns were acknowledged:

  1. Not enough money is offered
  2. We already collect $1000 in rent so it would pay for Pat’s mortgage, seems like a win/win for him
  3. We would probably lose Fayette Co. Economic Development from WU
  4. Our building Beacon value is $106k (assessed +20% = $130k)
  5. Right now, is not great timing due to where the Chamber is at


Chris motioned to decline the offer; Jamie seconded; approved by all. Jason will contact Pat.


Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

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