Minutes – March 30th, 2021


March 30, 2021 – 7:00 a.m.


Present: Jason Knox, Jamie Hoey, Rick Trumm, Tracy Johnson, Garrett Crandall (left early), Mallory Hanson, Chris DeBack (phone- left early))

Absent: Tiffany Johansen, Kennon Gumm



  1. Organization/Operations (Recurring)
    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
    2. Jamie motioned to approve the agenda; Rick seconded it; approved by all.
  2. Board Topics (Recurring)
    1. Interim Director Activities: look at the special meeting minutes.
      1. Mallory would like Tiffany to help explain the Chamber Bucks process as she will assist with selling them once she knows how. Jamie will email Tiffany.
      2. Jason will create a new “Director is Out” sign.
  • Advertising for position: description still fits. Tiffany/Tracy will do newspaper, website, online, etc. Tracy/Tiffany will reach out to colleges. Luther gave Tracy an Iowa college link that will hit many colleges quickly. Deadline: open until position is filled with a qualified candidate.
  1. City Council meeting: April 5 @ 6 p.m. Can we be early on the agenda? Jason, Garrett, & Rick can go. Jamie will let Tiffany know. The Board will be more for support as Kennon and Tracy will do the explanation.
  2. Tracy spoke with lawyers and their first response is that an incentive pay scale would be fine. But, it is not final and she will check back with them.
  3. Tracy will do a Facebook ‘wishing well’ post for Lisa. Jason sent the verbiage we discussed.
  1. NFV Student Project: NFV presented a draft of their information and requested some updated information.
  2. Flower Beds: Garrett has kids coming to do Earth Day cleanup on April 22nd. Tracy has supplies for the project; she will come down to assist in determining plants vs. weeds.
  1. Membership/Investment Drive (Recurring)
    1. Investments/Contributions/Donations- new membership letters that are transparent stating that our main goal is finding a director, the Board/city is assisting with processes and the interim and then work through set goals will need to be created. Tiffany has the other pieces to go in the mailing. Jason will see if his writer will wordsmith something. Knox will then create the letters and get to Jamie to print. Tiffany needs to get the other pieces to Jamie to print and get her envelopes and stamps. GPLHC will stuff.
    2. Getting contacts into Redtail.
  2. Main Street (Recurring)
    1. MSI Required Meeting- Jamie, Tiffany, & Jason are taking days.
    2. Partnership Visit- May 18th. The day is broken up; please keep the day available and Jason will email out details when he knows more.
    3. Michael Wagler will be coming to a summer meeting. Many resources for us to assist with candidate search. Jason will funnel things from Main Street and send to the Board.
    4. Accreditation- we all need to continue tracking committee meetings. The monthly reports are easier with more information from each committee. Jason will send out a form that will assist him in this reporting for committees to use.


  1. Committee Reports- need to determine budgets for various events.
    1. Promotions (Chris DeBack)- tractor & car request for Summer Fest – someone from committee will need to go to Supervisor meeting to request usage. They will talk about it at the next meeting.
    2. Design & Business (Jamie Hoey)- nothing new. No meeting in April.
    3. Economic Vitality (Jason Knox)- meeting next week.
    4. Organization (Garrett Crandall/Rick Trumm)- need to meet in the next week to finalize things. Facebook event, flyers, radio, etc. have been completed and the committee is working on food and other details. Tracy set up website to accept online registration. Tiffany will need to monitor email for PayPal registrations. Jamie will email her. Tents- the committee will check with Bank 1st & Mallory will check into using her’s. Plan to do a Poker Run and each person gets to play and not just the machine.
    5. Ad-Hoc Sparks (Jamie, Tiffany, Chris, Tracy)- see above
    6. Ad-Hoc DLO (Rick, Kennon)- none
    7. Management (Tiffany, Tracy)- none
    8. Fayette County Economic Development – none
    9. City- office space opening in the basement of City Hall; 4 offices, conference room, kitchenette, bathroom, own entrance.
  2. For good of order- none.


Meeting adjourn at 7:55 a.m.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

Investing in the community by bringing people together to achieve a support system that seeks to promote business success, downtown revitalization, and a sense of community pride.

Through Community engagement, create a unique and prosperous downtown to enrich the entire business community of West Union and beyond that embraces history, preserves natural environment, and promotes quality events that instills a sense of community pride.