Minutes – July 14th, 2020


July 14, 2020 – 7:00 a.m.


Present: Jason Knox, Chris DeBack, Jamie Hoey, Nick McIntyre, Rick Trumm, Tiffany Johansen, Garrett Crandall, Jayde Blue

Absent: Kennon Gumm, Adam Keller


  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:03 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
  2. July’s agenda was motioned to approve by Jamie; seconded by Chris; approved by all.
  3. June’s meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to approve by Chris; seconded by Rick; approved by all.
  4. April, May & June finances were discussed. Tiffany is currently reconciling accounts since over a year ago. As of May 31st, Tiffany has the accounts reconciled but still working through uncategorized entries. Both bank signer forms have been completed, and Tiffany is one signer so she can start doing on-line banking. She estimates we currently have: Kerndt Brothers- $7,700 business acct; $6,700 money market; $10,300 business basic. She will have finances done next month for approval. Jason is looking at refinancing mortgage loan due to low interest rate.
  5. What do you know? Building by Tapt’ Out is pending sale. Apartment complex on Plum street is pending sale as well. Old Town House building being taken down slowly and the community is worried about the integrity of the building. If not done soon, the city will take over to ensure the safety of the community.
  6. Industrial Lot: Nick will create a sign with “Commercial Lot for Sale – dimensions” A note on the sign will also read: Additional lots available & contact info. Let’s list it with a realtor and on-line platforms. Nick will contact a few local realtors to get options.
  7. Building Maintenance: roof leaking this last month and Jayde/Mallory contacted Jamie, who contacted Imperial as they have done the roof work. There is geo-thermal for the entire Chamber, but the air conditioner is still there and should be looked at to remove. Jayde will contact an HVAC company to look at it. Jamie will ask Imperial to give a pricing for the new roof. We also would like an estimate for repair stucco/windows. Caulking needed for windows and windows will need to be replaced but want to keep the historical integrity. Business & Design will take this on and start looking for grant funding.
  8. Rental Contracts: Ritter’s $175; Shangri La $225; FCED $400; Apartment Rental $350. Ritter’s law office is low and use all our space. We need to increase rental charges. Their office was original intended to be an incubator office, but they have been in there for 3 years. We must put a time limit on it with a progressive fee scheduled – start at $150/$225/$300- Jayde will create this contract for 3-year usage. Jayde can’t find the rental contracts so she will take FCED and revamp for other entities- Ritter’s $250; Apartment $375. Jayde will find a person to clean weekly/1 hour and bring quotes to Jason. Chamber will purchase all cleaning supplies. Tiffany motioned for the above changes; Jamie seconded; all approved.
  9. Office Cleaning Event: need to clean out the office. Can take the file cabinets to the city. August 7 at 1 p.m.
  10. Membership/Investment Drive: start 2021.
  11. West Union Directory: Jason will introduce Rita to Jayde
  12. Action Items: Cline’s came in to discuss the new Mexican restaurant coming to West Union. They are currently working on remodeling it; they currently have 3 other restaurants, and this is the first one in Iowa. The city has a new business fund that gives money to the business for signage, advertising, etc. Opening hopefully August- Omar & Andre will be coming to meet the Economic Director and will want to do a ribbon cutting with the Ambassadors- Tiffany will head this up. The Economic Director can assist with marketing. Maybe need to do a gift card promotion for them. Need to market this is a NEW restaurant and not reopening.
  13. Director Open House: utilize the new Mexican restaurant for catering. August 12th 3:30-6 p.m. Need to order food and send out email invites.
  14. Fayette Co Fair: email regarding volunteering from Amie. Board took no action. Tiffany will be helping. If they need help, we can help individually.
  15. Holstein Show: August 12-13. ~500 head of cattle with show teams that will be purchasing locally. Nabholtz and Linderbaum. Nick will let us know if they need assistance. Promotions?

Jayde took over meeting minutes as Jamie had to leave.

  1. Best Rest/Elm’s motels: looking for long-term stay construction. Constructed renovations of major dollars over the last couple years. We need to meet with him when he comes up to chat about any concerns or questions either party has. Amie has the contact information for Johnathon. Another idea when we meet with him is to suggest an after 5 event to help promote his business.
  2. Golf Course/RV/Trail: closing date around August 1. Got money from bond sale, golf course purchase is a match. Trail pre-app is due Aug 28 – Mallory, Rod, & Jayde are working on it. One way to help promote this purchase would be to host a fundraising golf tournament for the Chamber out at the golf course. The end goal is leading to RV Park – contact could be Casey McDermott. Should have Quotes by Dec or Jan.
  3. Director’s Report- reviewed Jayde’s report. Jayde explained Shop Iowa and what is expected from West Union. Jayde will be sharing this with business members. The Google Calendar should be deleted and recreated including: ribbon cutting, fair, chamber events, city council meetings. “New community calendar…” will be created. Jayde will contact Cori at Iroc. A new vacuum will be purchased up to $250 (check in town first). Moved by Jason; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
  4. Committee Reports-
    • Promotions- Playing on the Plaza will be moved to Sundays for rain otherwise they will be cancelled. They will not be moved inside this year due to Covid-19 and social distancing measures.
    • Design & Business- a meeting will take place in the next month with new members. Looking to add Nick Yost to committee. Jason motioned to move Jamie as chairman; Tiffany seconded; all approved.
    • Community Development- No meeting in July – planning to meet in August.
    • Organization- Golf tournament not as successful in the past but still brought us profit. Looking at hosting a golf tournament at “new golf course” or event on the plaza to assist in fundraising since the annual golf tournament did not turn out as well as normal. Poker run option to consider thinking ride, meal, and entertainment/
  5. For good of order: Director contact is the President and then others if needed.
  6. Motion to adjourn by Tiffany; seconded by Jason; meeting adjourned.

Next meeting – August 11, 2020 at 7:00 am at the Chamber/Main Street office.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

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