Minutes – January 12th, 2021


January 12, 2021 – 7:00 a.m.


Present: Jason Knox, Jamie Hoey, Tiffany Johansen, Rick Trumm, Tracy Johnson, Garrett Crandall (left early), Mallory Hanson (phone)

Guests: Norm Einck, Park & Rec Foundation

Absent: Kennon Gumm, Chris DeBack


  1. Organization/Operations (Recurring)
    1. Meeting was called to order at 7:01 a.m. by President Jason Knox.
    2. Finances were added to the agenda. January’s adopted agenda was motioned to approve by Jamie; seconded by Rick; approved by all.
    3. December’s meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to approve by Rick; seconded by Tiffany; approved by all.
    4. December’s finances were reviewed, and discussion was held. Tiffany has started reviewing the Script Money accounts. She provided a year-end overall balance and will provide detailed information next month. Jason motioned to create a Chamber Bucks checking account; Jamie seconded it; all approved. Tracy will create a contract regarding the Director position and finance managerial needs. Tiffany needs to write a few checks for bills.
  2. Guest Norm Einck discussed a Park & Rec Foundation lighting and sidewalk project and provided a handout with a proposed rendering. The goal is to start at the swimming pool with an 8-ft sidewalk, continue to concession stand/parking lot, include a bridge and connect it to the t-ball field and softball fields. Bike rakes would be strategically placed as well. 5-ft sidewalk would connect softball field to P&R sidewalks. Adding additional parking and two streetlights with night-vision cameras (by main playground and then center landscape circle). These will be connected to the swimming pool Internet that goes to the local police department. Statues are also part of the proposed project. $220,000 budget with $100,000 in-kind. They have applied for the community grant and are looking at $70,000 from businesses/individual donations. Foundation is looking at starting the project once money is secured, which is hopefully this summer. They are establishing a fundraising committee and are willing to present to various groups who need information. Chamber will share any and all information for this project on our Facebook page and in-person meetings.
  3. Board Topics (Recurring)
    1. MSI Training for Board Members and Director: Michael from MSI will be sending information and Jason will send a list and allow people to view on their own.
    2. Events: June 5th event- “West Union Summer Fest” – Splash into Summer theme.
    3. Volunteer Hours & Summary Expense Reporting: add volunteer hours to meeting minutes. Get any other volunteer hours to Jason- he will send out an email each month.
    4. Chamber Bucks: add “Please use by _____ “ verbiage. Then, we can write off a certain percentage. Tiffany is reconciling past Chamber Bucks
    5. Liquor License: $200 for 6 months that will cover Playing on the Plaza. Tiffany will be talking with Woodard Insurance. Jason motioned to approve the liquor license; Rick seconded; all approved.
    6. Dropbox: create a new folder. Tiffany will create a folder and then we will share via Drop Box.
    7. TV Monitor: Television $92.40 from each Board member to the Chamber for an in-kind donation.
  4. Membership/Investment Drive (Recurring)
    1. Investments/Contributions/Donations- Jason will send the letter for the membership drive.
  5. Director Report
    1. Welcome New Director, Lisa Davis. She will start Monday. We need to do an Open House Wednesday, February 10, 3-6. Jamie will create/order everything.
    2. Training & Orientation: Jason will create a schedule on Redtail. Topics: employment information, MSI, do business visits, strategic plans. Need to order business cards- Tiffany will look into it. Board and Tracy can sit in on MSI Director training.
  6. Main Street Accreditation (Recurring)
    1. Accreditation- Jamie submitted the Accreditation in December. Thanks to everyone who provided information.
    2. Actions Needed- Jamie will work directly with Lisa on training for Accreditation.
    3. Reports- none
  7. Committee Reports- send minutes, action plans, meeting information, etc. to the Board and Director. Need to vote as a Board using the committee’s motion.
    1. Promotions (Chris DeBack)- Tiffany explained information regarding the Summer Event. She will be putting together a diagram of the event. The committee needs to meet with the city to discuss specifics. The Chamber will oversee the alcohol tent. All Frontline Workers are the Citizen of the Year for the Award and they are no longer doing individual categories.
    2. Design & Business (Jamie Hoey)- meeting this month.
    3. Economic Vitality (Jason Knox)- no meeting in January.
    4. Organization (Garrett Crandall/Rick Trumm)- meeting tomorrow night.
    5. Ad-Hoc Building Committee (Jason, Garrett, Kennon)- outlets aren’t working. Open junction boxes. Jason will contact Chapman Electric.
    6. Ad-Hoc Sparks (Jamie, Tiffany, Chris)- would like to present a project about a video for West Union. Tracy will let Jamie know when there is a time to present to the Sparks group or, if needed, do the proposal for us.
    7. Ad-Hoc DLO (Rick, Kennon)- nothing to report
    8. Management (Tiffany, Tracy)- Lisa is starting next week! Her biggest hurdle is going to be computer and marketing. Thanks to Tracy for doing the Facebook page.
    9. Fayette County Economic Development – Mallory will send a quarterly update to Jason to share. In the fall of 2021, the board is working with Fayette Co. Ext. Office sponsoring a Leading Communities Leadership training and are asking for nominations for this training. There are only 25 spots. An email will be sent asking for nominations.
    10. City- swamped with budgets and contracts right now. Bike trail grant will be reapplied for. They gave 4 cities grants, and WU was 5 or 6. We received good suggestions for updating the grant as we only have one more chance to apply and we need to incorporate something cultural, artistic and other local amenities to tie into it.
  8. For good of order- none.


Motion by Jamie to adjourn at 8:10 a.m.; Tiffany seconded it; adjourned.

Next meeting – Work Group: January 26, 2020 at 7:00 am at the Chamber/Main Street office.

Submitted by Jamie Hoey, Secretary

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