Minutes April 10, 2018

Present: Amie Johansen, Jason Knox, Chris DeBack, Sandy Klosterman, Cathy Harris, Bob Sadler, Mike Johnson, Nick McIntyre, and Mayor Adam Keller

Absent: Gail Hackman, Rick Trumm, Cam Granger, and Sam-FCED

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 a.m. by President Bob Sadler.
  2. Motion was made by Chris, seconded by Cathy, to approve the Agenda amending to remove item #3 as Steve Roach was not present. All Aye. Carried.
  3. Motion was made by Mike, seconded by Amie, to approve Rick Trumm’s resignation as requested. All Aye. Carried.
  4. Motion was made by Mike, seconded by Chris, to approve March minutes as presented. All Aye. Carried.
  5. Motion was made by Amie, seconded by Cathy, to approve financials for January, February, March as presented. All Aye. Carried.
  6. Jeff Clements, attorney for Gus Kapnisis, sent a letter to Derek Heins in regards to the water issue on the building, and asked for a cement wall to be poured to keep snow and water off his building. Bob suggested we get a couple quotes and write a check to Gus to let him take care of it, as this has been an issue for a long time. Gus also asked that we reimburse him $7,000 in interest for a loan he had to get due to tax credits shifting from us to him and taking so long to get. Jason suggested we do not take that liability for the interest as that is part of business and not an issue we should be liable for. Motion was made by Mike, seconded by Chris, to table the issue and review the sales contract originally made with Gus. All Aye. Carried.
  7. City needs to provide Patrick Ritter with the original resolution approving final plat in the Industrial Lot, and then the abstract can be updated and sent to Mason for his title opinion, and close on the lot. Petsche will move the driveway, and bring to the required elevation and put rock on for now. Bob suggested the pipe that was used go back to the City to use on another project. Motion was made by Chris, seconded by Cathy, to approve as suggested. All Aye. Carried. City has also sold the easement to the Fayette County Sheriff Department for $1, in exchange for the 1.3 acres on the west side of the Main Street lot to be given to Main Street by Quit Claim Deed to make that back lot almost 4 acres. Community Development discussed pricing for the available lots: $25,000 for the front northeast lot, and $20,000/acre on the back lot. Pricing would be negotiable. Nick is still working on trying to get a RISE grant through Iowa DOT to assist on the street.
  8. Committee Reports
    • Promo – (Amie & Chris) Divas & Dining was Friday, April 6th at the West Union Event Center. Smaller crowd this year, so need to look at ways to change a bit, with next year our 10th year. Playin’ on the Plaza- discussing businesses as special guests each week(an idea given to Sandy by a business), and Celebrity Grillers. 4th of July is coming together with a 16” softball tourney, History Tours, and an adult soccer game being added.
    • Design & Business Improvement – (Gail) Yard of the Month – not working out as they hoped, will be working on some other ideas Community Development – (Jason) UIU wants to get a partnership going with us and looking to see how to make that work, discussed incentives for purchasing lots in the Industrial Park
    • Organization – (Mike) Next meeting today. Golf tournament is set for June 23rd at Clermont, and booked Dueling Pianos for Nov. 24th.
  9. President’s Report – Sandy’s annual review is coming up. Cathy and Bob are working on a form for the Board to give feedback.
  10. Director’s Report –
    1. Needed to make repairs on toilets and bathroom door and Ritter’s Law door
    2. Sandy requested we all help in sharing social media posts to spread the word once she gets things posted on Facebook
    3. Sandy and Amie will attend Tourism Workshop in LeMars April 24-25
    4. Small business week-Requested everyone bake a couple pans of bars. Jodi Granger will help Sandy assemble & deliver
    5. Downtown event May 12th. Each business on their own, but let Sandy know so she can help advertise
    6. May 15th is next Main Street Orientation. Sandy would like to see all new Board Members attend one this year.
    7. June 14th is our visit here with Darlene. Please make sure your calendars are reserved. Bob would like to have a Town Meeting that night. Cathy and Bob working on a survey monkey to send out prior for feedback.
    8. Summer Block Party set for June 14th
    9. 4th of July- would like everyone’s help with the event at the Rec Center
    10. Sandy needs to get board commitment letters signed and returned that she gave out at last meeting
    11. Business Improvement will help Sandy deliver Certificates to Investors. Also working on an idea of specials for investor to investor

Amie made a motion to adjourn, Chris seconded. All Aye. Meeting Adjourned at 8:22 am.

Next meeting: May 8, 2018 at 7:00 a.m. at the Chamber/Main Street office.

Total Volunteer Hours to be Logged: 13.5 Hours

Submitted by Amie Johansen

Investing in the community by bringing people together to achieve a support system that seeks to promote business success, downtown revitalization, and a sense of community pride.

Through Community engagement, create a unique and prosperous downtown to enrich the entire business community of West Union and beyond that embraces history, preserves natural environment, and promotes quality events that instills a sense of community pride.