Main Street Four Point Approach

Using a "Four Point Approach", Main Street is Economic Development within the context of Historic Preservation.

The four points are:


The Design aspect of Main Street focuses on having attractive buildings, streets, signage and landscaping. Main Street works with local building owners by providing design assistance visits and creating financial assistance tools such as the Main Street Facade Improvement grants. We also work to educate the public about good design and Historic Preservation.


The Organizational facet of Main Street works toward establishing strong communication between citizens, businesses, city and county government. Organization ensures that the program is well structured, well funded, and committed to the future. Our Organization Committee works to organize human and financial resources by managing fund raising, recruiting volunteers and promoting the local Main Street program.


The role of Promotion is to create special community events, retail sales events, and build a positive image to attract people downtown. Main Street works with the Chamber of Commerce to lend additional support and promotion for local businesses and organizations to tout the Main Street District as a great place to be!

Economic Vitality

The goal of Business Improvement is to help our existing businesses remain strong as well as to recruit new businesses. Main Street sponsors educational activities, training and workshops for local businesses that promote good business practices as well as provide additional information for business improvement. Economic restructuring also works to enhance public spaces, improve buildings, and recruit new businesses to the downtown district.