City Council

West Union's City Council consists of a mayor, city administrator, city clerk, and five council members. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month beginning at 6:00 PM at City Hall.


Cam Granger

term ends 01/01/2024

Cam Granger has served as Mayor since 2021.

City Council Members

Andrew Smith
term ends 01/01/2024

Kennon Gumm
term ends 01/01/2024

Marty Miller

term ends 01/01/2024

Matthew McElree
term ends 01/01/2026

Linda Croal
term ends 01/01/2026

2022 Committee Assignments

By Mayor Cam Granger

Mayor Pro-Tem                     Andrew Smith

Landfill/Recycling                Kennon Gumm  | Marty Miller

Grievance/Employee Benefits       Andrew Smith | Kennon Gumm

Buildings/Grounds                 Marty Miller | Matt McElree

Finance/Purchasing                Linda Croal  | Kennon Gumm

Utility                           Linda Croal  | Kennon Gumm

Fire                              Matt McElree | Linda Croal

Street                            Marty Miller | Matt McElree

Planning/Codification             Matt McElree | Marty Miller

Police                            Andrew Smith | Linda Croal

Kaleidoscope Kids Board Member    Linda Croal  | Andrew Smith

Cemetery                          Marty Miller | Matt McElree

TIF                               Andrew Smith | Kennon Gumm

West Union Main Street Chamber    Matt McElree | Kennon Gumm

*Name listed 1st is the committee chairperson