Main Street Awards-30th Anniversary Celebration

$5 Million Dollar Benchmark & Leadership Awards

Main Street Awards-30th Anniversary Celebration

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Welcome to West Union!

Welcome to West Union!

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From the halls of our churches to the streams that surround us, from the Courthouse Square to our abundant parks, we welcome you home. In West Union, we have managed to preserve a special way of life, where our neighbors are our friends and visitors are always greeted with a warm smile and a hot beef. That special quality of life is one of the things that we hold dear, connecting us to our land and to each other. In West Union, we honor our families and cherish our friends. We preserve our past and we revel in the vision of our future.

That future is happening now, as we are proud to be a Green Streetscape Pilot Program Community. Inspired by our agricultural roots of using every resource available, we are tapping into cutting edge technologies, building material, and energy solutions to reconnect the community with its historic downtown. From our past, through to our present, and focused on the future, we are West Union, and we are deeply connected.

2018 West Union Community Banquet Award Nomination

2018 West Union Community Banquet Award Nomination

We are now taking nominations for the 2018 West Union Community Banquet Awards to be held January 20th, 2018 at the West Union Event Center. Click below to print a nomination form. The nomination form is due back to the Chamber by December 14th, 2017.

National Register of Historic Places-WU

National Register of Historic Places-WU

City of West Union

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City of West Union

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News Headlines

Governor & Lieutenant Governor to visit West Union

Posted: Tue, May 21, 2019
Governor Reynolds & Lieutenant Governor Gregg will be in West Union May 21 for a very brief time upon an invitation from Main Street West Union Executive Director. At the Main Street Iowa Awards, Sandy approached the Governor and asked when she would be back to West Union? So, Governor Reynolds honored Sandy's request and is coming, Tuesday, May 21. West Union Main Street is expecting the Governor & Lt. Governor to arrive about 12:15pm.

They will be given a tour while we walk to Euphoria Coffee new location next to Unionland Feeds. Nick Yost will be explaining his plans at this new location along with the Open 4 Business grant he applied for through Main Street Iowa.

Next Main Street West Union and many local business members and officials will continue our tour by walking to Bank 1st and giving information about our Streetscape project and updating the Governor''s how the Green Pilot project awarded to Main Street West Union back in 2007 is affecting the new wave of green projects.

While at Bank 1st, Tobin Britt and Derek Heins will be giving them updated information on the geo-thermal and solar projects that they have just recently completed.

With hopes of ending our tour of our Main Street district at Raymond James. With Brian Gibson giving information on his solar panels. Tour will conclude at 12:45pm.
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Senator Ernst's Regional Director coming for a Visit!

Posted: Thur., Apr. 4, 2019
On behalf of Senator Joni Ernst, on April 10, 2019 Brittney Zumbach Carroll, Regional Director is coming to West Union from an invite of the West Union Chamber-A Main Street Community. The Chamber will be taking Ms. Carroll to Baumler Implements, Neighborhood Home, Trends, & Knox Financial, Gundersen Palmer Lutheran Hospital, and NFV Community Schools in West Union.

This visit will give these businesses and our school district a chance to tell their successes and challenges so that Brittney can relay that information to Senator Ernst. Unfortunately, Senator Ernst was unable to visit West Union at this time.
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City Wide Garage Sales!

Posted: Mon, March 18, 2019
City Wide garage sale dates have been posted for May 15-18, 2019.

If you are planning on having a garage sale please contact Jessica Sadler 563.422.3119 or Amie Johansen 563.422.3908 to be listed on the Garage Sale Map.
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Senator Grassley visited West Union 3-19-2019

Posted: Mon, March 11, 2019
We welcomed Senator Grassley to West Union on March 19, 2019. We took him on a tour of our businesses located in our Main Street District on this visit. In the future we will welcome him back to showcase our business community on Hwy. 150 & 18.

We met Senator Grassley and team at Unionland Feeds and showcased the unique approach to retailing they offer with locally grown and made food and products. Chelsie of Unionland gave the Senator a great presentation on where their products come from and that they all are from Iowa based businesses. Then we introduced Nick of Euphoria Coffee and he told the Senator about his new coffee shop in West Union and that he roasts his own coffee beans.

Next we escorted the Senator to Woodland Eye Clinic. On the way I was able to explain to Senator Grassley that this is a new business. They are under construction due to the fact that they will be moving their business from the basement to the main level with street access. I explained to Senator Grassley how important it is that we were able in a community this size to retain this eye clinic and we are so glad that Woodland Eye Clinic is here. I explained to him that we also have retained a dental business which relocated to Hwy. 18 next to Casey's.

Then we walked to Bank 1st on our way Jon Biederman, Fehr Graham and Dick Woodard, Woodard Insurance were able to give the Senator the information on our streetscape and geo thermal system. On arrival to Bank 1st we escorted the Senator to an office that he was able to see the solar panels that Bank 1st is utilizing along with the geo thermal system. Tobin Britt, Bank President and CEO explained to the Senator the changes that have happened since incorporating these two green concepts.

Then we escorted the Senator to the Library. On our way I explained to him about Main Street Iowa. What they have helped the City of West Union do with the streetscape and geothermal. Also the guidance they have given me and that we consider ourselves a family in historic preservation. Then I showed him a conceptual drawing from the designers of Main Street Iowa of the Villont Building and that the City has possession of the building and they are hoping to get the exterior work done on the building very soon. Nick McIntyre answered questions the Senator had about the City and their future plans of the building.

At the library Senator Grassley went right to work answering questions at an open forum.

It was a very good time for US to tell West Union's story. We look forward to Senator Grassley and his team coming back to see the great businesses we have outside our downtown district. My hopes with having Senator Grassley here were for him to understand our successes for a community a size of 2,500 people. It takes everyone in this community to make us stand out in Iowa but also in the US. Hopefully Senator Grassley and his team took something positive back with them to Washington DC and shares with their colleagues.
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